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From the land of tall mountains, wide skies, mighty lakes and deep oceans, here is a video story about a little community project with a great big heart to brighten your day.

The Puhoi River winds through the village of Puhoi, and on one gentle curve of grassy riverbank, just metres from the meandering water, you’ll find one of the world’s smallest working libraries. The Puhoi Town Library is housed in a much-photographed tiny white stone building, neatly decorated with a red roof and rose bushes climbing up either side of the red door.

It might be petite, but the building is stacked top to toe with books: more than 4000 volumes grace the wooden shelves, ready for the community to browse and borrow. In winter, the crackling fireplace creates an even more intimate atmosphere. It speaks to the strong community spirit in this village that every book in the library has been donated, and the librarians volunteer their time to keeping this little hive buzzing with the aim, as they say, "that everyone who leaves here is just that little bit happier".

The campaign created by Airbloom Media has reached 500,000 viewers just on Facebook social media platform.